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Sunday 4/7/24 Recap: Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only:

  • Know that it is possible for your life to impact more than your life; your example affects more than your existence (you impact others)

  • We might be able to fool others, but we can't fool God - be vulnerable and honest with Him

  • Life's biggest opportunities aren't always obvious. Consider this: Moses is delivering a nation and God gives him a stick. Sometimes, the "common" is what God uses for your calling

  • You might be waiting for something miraculous but God may show up not as superman, but with a mustard seed

  • Even if it seems small, when He's cracked open a door, no man can shut it

  • Sometimes, our greatest wisdom comes from our greatest mistake

    • And sometimes, to gain wisdom, it's at the expense of today for a better tomorrow (think of Lazarus - if Jesus would have just healed him, he wouldn't have been able to show all He is)

    • God may let something die in your life so he may resurrect something else

  • Opportunity may come looking like conflict


  • Have you ever chosen to close a door?

  • There can be moments in our lives when God is calling you higher (maybe you're grieving that someone doesn't like you - but if they did, they would limit you. Praise that protection)

  • Sometimes it's at the benefit of others that you go through what you go through

  • Some of God's greatest invitations will show up in the form of an interruption

  • Are you wanting the miracle without the mess or are you willing to dig in and get messy?


  • Is Jesus saying to you, "before I do anything for you, I want to do something in you?"

  • How do you respond when God bypasses what you want to give you what you need?

  • Have you ever thanked God for your haters?

  • Opposition proves the opportunity


  • You have to be at His feet - you aren't going to find healing, that miracle, unless you're at the feet of Jesus

  • Decisions you make become skewed when not at the feet of Jesus


  • Jesus is the good shepherd

  • Jesus is the door

  • You don't have to be perfect, but you do have to work towards progress and presence

Ask yourself:

  • Who are your four? Would they have given up or would they climb a roof and dig a hole to put you at the feet of Jesus?

  • Are you in someone else's "four?"

    • Jesus saw what the friends did for the man and he forgave his sins. When the man's critics started talking, Jesus healed him.

  • Are you ready to get up off your mat?

Today's Scripture

  • Mark 2:1-12

Want to rewatch the message? Click here. (Sermon starts approximately at 49 minutes into the video)

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