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Sunday 4/28/24 Recap: The Father's Fight

The Father's Fight:

  1. You are precious (Luke 15:1 - Jesus)

    1. The Good Shepherd gives his life for his lost sheep - he leaves the 99 to come find you personally (he doesn't send someone else to find you)

    2. Jesus put our hands into the hands of the Father and said, "I'll arrange it" (our Shepherd left Heaven to get you and me)

  2. You are valueable (Luke 15:8 - Holy Spirit)

    1. There is joy for every sinner who repents

    2. Joy is a fruit of the spirit; sin grieves the Holy Spirit

    3. Coin in Hebrew means desirable

      1. Whose image in on you? Is it yourself? Do you think you have created what has happened in your life? Do you not see the value of who you are? Jesus was willing to pour out his blood for every single person. There is nobody you lock eyes with that God loves more than you.

      2. What have you been telling yourself about your value? Would you allow the same thing to be said about your spouse, your children, etc.?

  3. You are Unique (Luke 15:11)

    1. You are unique to God and He loves you as a person

    2. We have listened to the enemy so much that we don't feel precious, valuable and unique

    3. He gave you a fingerprint that nobody else in the world has

In the third parable (Luke 15:11), the son has a choice. The Father is waiting on his childrent to come home. He doesn't stop looking.

Today's Scripture

  • Luke 15:1-7

  • John 10:11

  • Hebrews 1:3

  • Hebrews 2:18

  • Hebrews 13:5

  • Isaiah 59:16

  • Hebrews 5:8-10

  • James 4:5

  • Hebrews 15:11-20

Want to rewatch the message? Click here. (Sermon starts approximately at 34 minutes into the video)

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