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Sunday 4/14/24 Recap: Leveling Up Your Gratitude

Leveling Up Your Gratitude:

  • You are only one praise away from the next level of gratitude

  • There is power, healing, joy, etc. waiting on the other side of your praise

"For The" Gratitude Level

  • Moses encourages the Israelites that the best is before them but they start complaining and their appetite forgot the provider of their promise

  • Gods gifts only bring joy if they are joined with gratitude

  • If we don't know how to turn blessings into praise, they will turn into pride in our hearts - keeping us from being filled with joy

  • Maybe your biggest level of accomplishment isn't your level of accumulation but your level of appreciation

    • Be thankful to the Lord for what He has given you

    • the happiest people tend to be those who make the most of everything they have rather than need to have everything

  • Gratitude isn't normal - you need to practice it

  • Attitude doesn't always translate to behavior - it can be just way of thought

  • Gratitude without practice is like faith without works - it's dead

  • If you grow in gifts but not in gratitude, what have you gained? We need to say what God has done in our lives; let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

  • While God is pouring out provision for you, don't be entitled to it or think that you've earned it because you haven't - it's because of Him

  • How can we be so dead in our faith when we've been so well fed?

  • Praise Him "for the:____________"

"Even Though" Gratitude Level

  • Moses thanked and related to God in more of a provisional way. David's gratitude is more mature

  • Be thankful for the things you cannot see

  • This is a stage of praise where you're thanking God for His presence

  • In the table of your enemies, still be focused on the presence of God

"Because Of" Gratitude Level

  • Paul - when others were stirring up trouble while he was in chains: "but what does it matter?"

  • Praise God for what the pain you're going through is going to produce

  • This is gratitude on a completely different maturity level

  • This is the stage of trust

  • Do you trust the cook? You have a master chef in your life - but sometimes you may not like what is being cooked. You wouldn't eat garlic by itself but once it's put into the marinara sauce - it's better. God says all things work together

    • If it doesn't serve God's purpose, He won't let it into your pot

    • God knows what He is doing

Ask yourself:

  • Do you plan to be grateful?

  • Is your praise past due?

  • Are you walking in blessings that used to be prayer requests you've not yet praised God for?

  • Are you selective with your praise?

Today's Scripture

  • Deuteronomy 8:7-18

  • Psalm 23:1-5

  • Philippians 1:17-18

  • Ephesians 5:20

Want to rewatch the message? Click here. (Sermon starts approximately at 32 minutes into the video)

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