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Sunday 3/31/24 Recap: Thorns to Glory

Thorns to Glory:

  • There is an offer on the table for you and me: a good death

    • to get to the resurrection, we must first go through death: be willing to die to self

    • we cannot achieve this by being morally good enough

  • Romans 3:23 tells us that ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

    • This makes the ground flat; there is no one person above another

    • It is even possible to rebel against God with moral goodness

    • We need to get to the point where we admit we cannot do this on our own

    • We are enslaved to sin so we have a natural bend towards sin

    • We things aren't going your way, do you naturally seek darkness? What compulsions do you have? Do you try to numb pain through alcohol or drugs, something else?

      • It's time to have death to compulsion and sinful nature so true, real life can live inside you so you may walk in the glory and victory of Jesus

  • There is a huge difference in being alive in the spirit and walking in the spirit

    • We must be all-in, completely surrendered to Him

    • This isn't a one-time thing, we must take up our cross daily (sometimes multiple times each day)

  • We have all abandoned (having been deserted or cast off) Jesus on the cross

    • Jesus has NEVER abandoned you. Even on the cross he was looking out for you

    • Abandon the life that holds nothing and be free in Him

    • In doing so, you get His presence and a relationship with Him

    • Fullness of life stems from a vertical relationship with God

  • Nothing else in going to satisfy your soul except for the presence of God

Today's Scripture

  • Colossians 3:1-4

  • Romans 3:23

  • Isaiah 1:18

  • Galatians 4:7

  • Psalm 16:11

Want to rewatch the message? Click here. (Sermon starts approximately at 26 minutes into the video)

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