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Sunday 3/17/24 Recap: The Danger of Disengagement

The Danger of Disengagement:

  • God turns days of mourning into victory (example: Jesus was crucified but had victory with His resurrection)

  • It's possible to experience depression in a place of provision

    • In 2 Samuel, we see that David's army defeated the enemy but they hung their heads in shame

    • The King's focus was so narrow on what he lost that he was about about to lose what he had left

    • In 2 Samuel 19:5, we see a gift of confrontation which resulted in the King getting up and taking his seat back

      • It wasn't where King David was that got him into trouble - it was where he wasn't

      • We see David compound his sin - he responded in shame rather than receive the grace of God

      • You can pick your decisions, but you cannot pick your consequences

    • Do not continue to allow yourself to attach to things that do no good

  • It's just a matter of time before disfunction let in through the front gate comes through the front door and into your home. What should you shut the gate on?

  • King David made a great mistake by being passive and disengaged

    • Be very careful of who you leave in charge of your gates

  • Sometimes what we think makes us great outwardly is actually the thing that makes vulnerable inwardly

  • Even if it's from a place of fear, there is danger in disengagement:

    • Danger in singing but not worshipping, coming home but not being home, having a child but not being a parent

    • If you disengage, you're allowing the enemy to take over something God has given you

  • David took his seat back at the gate

    • The gate opens from the inside - you open and allow things in. You have the right to close the gate on anything ungodly

    • You don't have to be perfect, just present - receive His presence

  • Your power comes from relying on Him and Him alone

  • It's time to take your seat back at the gate!

Today's Scripture:

  • 2 Samuel 18:33

  • 2 Samuel 19:1-8

  • Isaiah 28:6

Want to rewatch the message? Click here. (Sermon starts approximately at 45 minutes into the video)

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