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Sunday 2/18/24 Recap: Agape Love

Agape Love:

  • Jesus has a deep love for us

  • When we (humanly) love something, it's because we have placed worth on it

  • Jesus' love gives us worth; he doesn't love us because we are worthy

  • In today's scripture, Luke 7:11-16, the power of Jesus is expressed through deep and sincere compassion and love for the woman

    • In verse 13, "Jesus saw her"

      • There is a difference between seeing and noticing/taking action

  • God sees you; God notices you - he hears the cry of your heart. He is trying to lock eyes with you

  • Love crosses lines: Jesus crossed the line to raise the boy with one touch

  • Never draw lines to keep people out; cross lines to bring them in

  • There was no boundary and no law that would keep Jesus from expressing His love for His people

  • If you're looking at something in your life that looks dead, remember we have a resurrecting Savior to go to. He sees what you need, but tell Him

Today's Scripture:

  • Luke 7:11-16

Want to rewatch the message? Click here. (Sermon starts approximately at 30 minutes into the video)

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