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Sunday 3/24/24 Recap: Palms to Thorns

Palms to Thorns:

  • We find three truths about Palm Sunday:

  1. Save Now (hosanna means save (us) now)

    1. In John 12:13, this is the first time Israel calls Jesus king

    2. Jesus doesn't rebuke them for crying out; he's asking why it isn't a lifestyle (do you only pray to Him, cry out for him in times of trouble or do you have a constant relationship with Jesus?)

    3. We have to be in a position of complete surrender to God; cry out to Him instead of griping to Him

  2. Fear Not

    1. this is a positive command, given with urgency

    2. God tells us not to fear and he does so as early as the book of Genesis

    3. There is a difference between concern (example: locking your door when you leave your house) and fear (example: being afraid the entire time you're gone that someone is robbing your home and all your possessions)

    4. The enemy wants you to be so caught up in fear that you're neutralized

    5. We must plunder hell to populate Heaven

  3. Not As We Expect

    1. Jesus was bringing a permanent solution by dying for our sins

Today's Scripture:

  • John 12:12-15

  • Psalm 118:25

  • Psalm 107:4-8

  • Psalm 107:11-15

  • Psalm 107:18-21

  • Psalm 107:26-31

  • Zachariah 9:9

Want to rewatch the message? Click here. (Sermon starts approximately at 42 minutes into the video)

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