About Us

First Baptist Church is founded on and grounded in the Word of God. We believe that in the Bible, God has spoken finally and completely, and that all matters of genuine Christian faith are found exclusively in the Bible. We are a church that preaches the Bible, reads the Bible, studies the Bible, and believes the Bible. 

At the center of our faith is the cross of Jesus Christ. We believe it was the means by which God the Father placed all of our sin upon His Son for our salvation. The cross is therefore the symbol of the gospel, the message by which the Holy Spirit stirs regenerating faith in the hearts of those who hear it.

Worship is what we do, because it is what we will do forever. We enjoy two different worship styles at First Baptist, because we understand that the content of worship is the most important aspect of it. We believe that genuine Christians are genuinely born again to be worshipers of God forever.

Meet our Ministry Team

Mark Phillips


Mona Bowey

Youth & Children's Pastor

Megan Baney


Selby Batty

Visitation and Shut-in Pastor

David Baines

Celebrate Recovery and Prayer Pastor

Aaron Eggers

Facilities and Set-Ups


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